Misfit Sideshow Cabaret

Not so much good ol' fashioned vaudeville but an explosion of crazy freaks, wild circus performers, dirty punks and misfits from God-knows-where. Alex's version of a cabaret starts with stand-up comedy from Anthony Browning, knife-throwing from Jack Dagger (“King of the Fling”) and an electrifying (maybe literally) routine from fetish goth burlesque dancer Sin Fisted. But step right up folks, because that's not all! There's sword-swallowing and body-contortioning from the Freakshow Deluxe troop, plus headlining acts Battleflask and White Flag Down, two prime examples of hard, raucous, boozey punk rock. The circus is coming to town—hide your children.

Thu., Sept. 6, 8 p.m., 2012

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