Miradas: Ancient Roots in Modern and Contemporary Mexican Art

The Mexican Revolution didn’t just spark sweeping changes in society, but influenced art for generations to come. 'Miradas,' a new exhibit at Long Beach’s Museum of Latin American Art, takes glances back at expressions of Mexicanidad since that time through more than 90 photos, prints and paintings. Pieces explore emerging identities on both sides of the border from “Indigenismo” to “Chicanismo.” Exhibit highlights include a photo of Frida Kahlo in a resplendent Oaxacan dress. Diego Rivera, Kahlo’s tubby hubby, comprised one of the ‘big three’ Mexican muralists whose revolutionary brushstrokes painted the history and soul of their people starting in the 1930’s. On the other side of la linea, Chicanos took that artistic inspiration in the late 60’s forging their own political identity through murals. 'Miradas' is a kaleidoscope through it all!

Wednesdays-Sundays, 11 a.m. Starts: July 17. Continues through Sept. 27, 2015

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