Minutemen-Mexican Fundraiser!

We're no fans of the Minuteman Project, whether the one created by retired Aliso Viejo CPA Jim Gilchrist or the ones that splintered off his organization in a litany of lawsuits and allegations. However, I do value free speech and thus find myself on the side of the San Diego Minutemen, one of the nuttier Minutemen factions out there. For the past year, they've waged a bitter battle against Caltrans over the right to participate in California's Adopt-a-Highway campaign and maintain the stretch of Interstate 5 nearest the San Clemente migra checkpoint and have their group's name on a freeway sign. Caltrans originally gave the San Diego Minutemen the spot, then tried to isolate them in some backwater stretch of San Diego County after receiving complaints from various Aztlanistas. Meanwhile, Caltrans strangely allowed Jim Gilchrist's Minutemen and the Campo Minutemen (note to Minutemen: you folks bitch more amongst yourself than the average MEChA chapter) to erect Adopt-a-Highway signs. The San Diego Minutemen sued for violation of free speech, a tactic even the ACLU supports.

The fight now gets wackier. Yesterday, Caltrans announced it's suspending all Adopt-a-Highway applications while it reviews its policies. Needless to say, the San Diego Minutemen are livid, as we all should be. Today's Know Nothings are whiny, delusional, ahistorical tontos, but they have every right to be so—and if the Klan can participate in an Adopt-a-Highway program, why can't the Minutemen? Besides, wallowing in detritus is an apt metaphor for an average Minuteman Project reunion—but enough insults. A pledge to the San Diego Minutemen after the jump!


Above is the picture of Jim Gilchrist's Adopt-a-Highway sign for his Minutemen. It's on both the northbound and southbound side of Highway 133, near the Barranca Parkway off-ramps. Minutemen supporters: First 10 pictures I receive of different Minutemen standing next to the sign, I'll smuggle one less illegal immigrant into this country—kidding! No, I'll donate a copy of my ¡Ask a Mexican! paperback book to the San Diego Minutemen or its Amazon.com value ($10) provided said funds go only to their Caltrans court case and not to harass immigrants (La Raza: There is a distinction). Like the ACLU, I think you folks are locos and muy xenophobic, but Caltrans was dick to mess with ustedes—unconstitutionally so.

Minutemen haters: First 10 people to take their pictures in front of the sign while flipping it off get the book. Awright, people: which side wins first? Send all pictures to GA*******@oc******.com. Happy trails!

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