Minuteman Project Head PR Man Tim Bueler Won't Unsubscribe People from His Wackjob Mailing List

Dear Tim Bueler: I have asked you to delete me from your mailing list. I have pressed the “unsubscribe” button from your mailings, almost all touting lunatic conservatives like Jerome Corsi and other questionable clients. I have asked you to stop sending me your press releases multiple times, over the course of months–and still, you send them.

You've always been a douche. I remember covering you when you were a high-schooler playing the pip for the California Coalition for Immigration Reform's geriatrics and stating you wanted to kill Muslims for a living by joining the Armed Foces. But you're not a kid anymore, son; you're legally an adult, and adults have certain responsibilities.

So, again: TAKE ME OFF YOUR PINCHE LIST. Repercussions after the jump!


Don't make me get all CAN-SPAM on you, or bother to pay attention to what you actually write; just get me off your list. And don't make me get our IT department to block your address; they're surly guys, and the last thing you need is yet another chunk of your generation loathing you.

I've even defended you in the past–and this is the gratitude I get? Tell you what: just stop sending me your email, and I promise to not pay much attention to you anymore. After all, Barbara Coe is SO much more evil than you….


Gustavo Arellano

PS: Did that Army thing ever work out?

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