Mind Tricks Celebrates Patient Appreciation Day at Super Clinik This Saturday

“My brothers and I started a toffee company years ago out of tragedy,” says Jena Perez, co-owner of Mind Tricks, the cannabis-infused-toffee company. “Both parents were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, and in a desperate moment, we wanted to make some extra cash. We started selling my mom’s toffee recipe to a family friend and although [the company’s] had ups and downs, it took off in a way that we never would have imagined.”

Perez and Desiree Glade, the other Mind Tricks co-owner, got involved in the cannabis industry under interesting circumstances. Originally launching as a candy company called Sweetbricks in 2010, making gourmet edibles was never a part of the plan. Now, three months after deciding to collaborate with Jetty Extracts— a San Diego based organic cannabis extraction group—Sweetbricks has branched out to create a medicated line of toffee known as Mind Tricks.

The new line of ganja toffee has hit the ground running since their debut at Super Clinik’s grand opening on 4/20. And this Saturday, Mind Tricks returns to Super Clinik (with samples!) for Patient Appreciation Day.

“The grand opening of Super Clinik on 4/20 was the first time I’d ever stepped foot in a dispensary,” laughs Perez, as she recalls how fast Mind Tricks has taken off. “Collaborating with Jetty [Extracts] has been a match made in heaven… What sets us apart from other edible companies in the industry is that we’ve spent so much time making our toffee perfect as a non-medicated candy. Now that we’ve added this extra ingredient to it, it’s taken our product to the next level.”

In 2015 Sweetbricks placed second in the Artisan Toffee Awards by the International Chocolate Salon, giving them world recognition. “Making the best tasting toffee hasn’t been easy, but it’s our motivation and we’ve been through a lot to get here,” says Perez.

After the passing of her father in 2010, Perez looked to follow his passion by opening a small café in Downtown San Diego where she would serve coffee, food and her mother’s beloved toffee recipe. Finally finding something within her budget, Perez found a kitchen to produce all that was to be on the menu at her new café. Two weeks before the launch of her restaurant, however, an electrical fire erupted underneath the foundation of the building, causing everything to go up in flames. Perez says that she took the fire as a sign that she wasn’t supposed to go through with the café, and she moved up to Humboldt to take a break from Socal living.

After a four year hiatus from Sweetbricks, her friends talked her into coming home and giving the business another shot. “They told me they believed in what I was doing and were willing to quit their jobs and invest in starting up the company again. So I moved back down to Southern California in 2014 and pursued Sweetbricks. Four months ago was when we began working with Jetty Extracts and took on Mind Tricks, which is a spin-off of our original company, and it’s been history from there.”

With international accolades from renowned chocolate competitions, Mind Tricks has become a heavy hitter in the edible game. This Saturday Mind Tricks, along with 20 other vendors, will have a booth at Super Clinik for a Patient Appreciation Day celebration from 12 to 7 pm. “Getting involved with Jetty Extracts and the cannabis industry is a relatively new thing for us,” say Perez, “but it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made.”

The event will be held at the Super Clinik storefront: 2525 W. Birch St., Santa Ana, Ca. 92707. A cannabis recommendation will be required upon entrance. 

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