Milo Yiannopoulus Event at Cal State University Fullerton Leads to Fist Fights and Several Arrests

Yesterday’s Halloween appearance by Milo Yiannopoulus at CSUF succeeded in turning another university into a battleground, resulting in several fights breaking out and at least eight people getting arrested. The chaos began when alt-right loser Arthur Schaper showed up to the protest on the east end of the Titan Student Union outside the Milo event at 4:40 pm with a posse of Trump supporters who began jumping right into arguments. Activist & MC Keyanna Celina started yelling “Eat shit, white supremacists” at the Schaper squad around 4:50 pm while holding her baby daughter, which initiated a back-and-forth exchange until Trump supporter Genevieve Peters got in Celina’s face. Celina told Peters to “back the fuck up off my baby” while another woman ran up to pull the child out of the tense situation. Celina then reached for Peters causing #VendidaForTrump Elsa Aldaguer to throw her coffee on Celina who responded by punching Peters multiple times until #VendidoForTrump Harim Uzziel pepper-sprayed Celina and several people in the crowd.

Protesters instantly began blaming Schaper for the confrontation. They yelled “Nazis go home” as riot gear-wearing antifa members readied themselves nearby. At 5:22 pm, officers pulled a snatch arrest on two of the antifa allegedly because they were wielding long flag poles which could be used as weapons. Rage-fueled arguments continued as alt-right member John “Based Spartan” Turano showed up around 5:50 p.m. with his daughter to confront Schaper. Turano told the Weekly he left the alt-right due to white supremacy in the movement and says “there’s lots of people we hate in this movement like that scumbag up there Arthur.”

“The way he gives off his message is always ugly instead of with respect,” Turano says, “so I’m always here to harass them to be honest because I hate them…I love America but you can’t do it with hate and all these people either stood with hate or were hate themselves. It was all over their Facebooks.”

At 6:15 pm, Turano confronted Schaper again, this time managing to scare him off to another corner of the protest area. Schaper then spent the next hour arguing with a crowd of students, angering one man to the point of tears as several people held the man back from approaching Schaper. Then at 7 pm, someone in the crowd tossed a water bottle at Schaper. Meanwhile a lone woman suited up in antifa gear (we’ll call her #antifagirl) ironically began arguing with fellow protesters who were accusing her of enticing the other side.

At 7:14, the Schaper posse finally left the event which brought applause from the protesters but by 7:32 pm attendees from the Milo event began marching from the north end of the TSU towards the protest. Both sides began facing off, arguing with one another, while #antifagirl threw dirt at a photojournalist at the center of the arguments and a fight broke out nearby leaving a woman with a bleeding nose. Alt-right loser Antonio Foreman began arguing with a protester when suddenly #antifagirl ironically threw dirt in the face of the protester. This caused everyone (including the media) to begin chasing her down in the protest area with the Milo event attendees attempting to grab her.

Protesters were trying to help her get away, yelling for people to leave her alone when she actually punched one of her would-be defenders her right in the face. She then began screaming “Get the fuck away from me” at everyone including media as she began aiming a canister of pepper spray. A Milo attendee attempted to throw something at her head, causing protesters to chase him off. She then pepper-sprayed several members of the media including Weekly reporters as well as the surrounding crowd and even punched a reporter’s video camera. Foreman then approached her attempting to take off her mask when a Latino man kicked him in the back for attacking the woman which gave her a chance to flee into the Pollack Library where the Daily Titan reports she was arrested.

The police declared the event an unlawful assembly just after 8 p.m., forming a police line to clear everyone out with many people fleeing the area immediately. As they continued to push a large group of protesters eastbound above the Pollack Library, the Weekly stayed in front of the police line to cover the event until the very end. Suddenly around 8:25 pm, police officers charged towards a group of media and protesters, with one officer attempting to grab editor-in-chief of The Hornet Madalyn Amato. The Weekly intervened preventing the arrest after identifying her as media to the officer, then both Amato and the Weekly had to tell officers to release Hornet reporter Neddie Facio until they let go of her arm. Two people were arrested for their failure to disperse and cops held the police line until eventually retreating around 8:30 pm. A fine time had by all!

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