Milo Yiannopoulos as Victim Brand Gets Boost from CSUF Associated Students

Milo Yiannopoulos’ Halloween “Troll Academy Tour” stop at Cal State Fullerton was condemned by the CSUF Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors, which unwittingly helped solidify the Milo The Victim brand.

“This is about freedom of speech,” harrumphs CSUF Republicans President Amanda McGuire. “With a vote to denounce Milo, ASI is sending a signal to conservatives that their voices don’t matter and are not represented. Conservative voices are, once again, the first to be silenced.”

Click here to read the ASI resolution.

But, heck, who knows if this will even come off? You’ll recall that Yiannopoulos’ late September “Free Speech Week” was later scrubbed at UC Berkeley.

That event was supposed to feature Yiannopoulos’ old boss: Breitbart News executive editor/ex-White House chief strategist/self oral pleasurer Steve Bannon. (Click here to read our post about Bannon being the keynote speaker at “Free Speech Friday Night,” this week’s opening dinner of the California Republican Party’s 2017 fall convention at the Anaheim Marriott.)

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