“Million Dollar Porsche” Unveiled in Anaheim Today

A San Clemente car customizer says it will unveil “the Million Dollar Porsche” today.

Brewster Industries, which has been creating custom masterpieces and restoring vintage Porsches for more than 50 years, says it will introduce a one-of-a-kind 911 M.

What makes it one-of-a-kind? The engine is in the middle instead of the rear like it is on all other 911s.

“Combining twisted engineering, innovative thinking and a pure passion for Porsche, Brewster Industries unveils the first mid engine 911,” boasts owner Nalia Brewster. “No corners were cut, although they may have been modified; this car goes where no rear engine 911 has ever gone.”

Including my garage. Dammit!

Get a gander for yourself starting at 11 this morning at The Phoenix Club, 1340 S. Sanderson Ave., Anaheim.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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