Miller Oh, Buena Park's Mayor, Guilty of Perjury

Buena Park Mayor Miller Oh faces more than six years in state prison following his conviction today of five felony counts of perjury.


Miller Oh, Buena Park Councilman, Denies With Not Guilty Plea He's a Liar and Deadbeat Dad

Hizzoner, whose full name is Sangjin Miller Oh, had essentially denied he was a liar and deadbeat dad with his not guilty plea to multiple counts of perjury by declaration in Superior Court in Westminster. But jurors agreed unanimously today that between Sept. 23, 2004, and July 20, 2009, Oh committed perjury five different times by signing official DMV documents using fraudulent information.

Once he used his Catholic first name of Robert and lunar birth date. Then he lied on the form that he had never applied for a license under another name. He also told an undercover officer secretly recording him that he paid someone $300 to get him a license under another name.

The real estate developer's intent was to avoid limit child support payments to his ex-wife by hiding his assets under his false name. And yet, as a photo from Oh's website shows, he tried to use his same daughters as campaign props. Elect me, he seems to be saying, I'm a good, solid family man. So long as I don't have to pay for them!

Among his other lies on DMV documents was failing to disclose that his license had previously been suspended. Four times Oh used his fraudulently obtained license to register vehicles.

The 50-year-old joined the Buena Park City Council in 2010. He faces up to six years and four months in prison at his Aug. 22 sentencing, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office. Miller? Oh, no …

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