Mike Tunney is Detroit Bar's New Talent Buyer

Maybe you've been wondering what's up with Detroit Bar; since its former co-owner and talent buyer Jon Reiser bought the Galaxy Theatre and opened the Constellation Room within, the Costa Mesa venue's calendar has been mostly empty. 

Today Detroit Bar owner Dan Bradley announced that Mike Tunney, who produced Pacific Festival OC, is going to be Detroit Bar's new talent buyer. If you remember, Steve Aoki gave props to Tunney (who “lives and breathes Orange County”) for creating the groundbreaking dance and rock festival.


Tunney is also the founder and CEO of Collaborative Media, “an entertainment production company that provides consulting and management services in the areas of special event production.” For Pacific Festival, he's booked acts such as Cut Copy, Snoop Dogg and Calvin Harris; we'll see who's in store for Detroit Bar!

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