Mike and Ike Are Getting a Gay Divorce

In the realm of celebrity divorce news, this one is a true shocker. Mike and Ike–yes, the dudes of capsule-shaped candy fame–are headed for Splitsville. I know, right? They seemed so happy. Or, at least, chewy. Who will get strawberry and who will get lime?  


The break-up is a marketing campaign to get young people to start talking about the once-popular candy again. Apparently, the couple is headed in two different directions–Mike wants work on his music and Ike rather work on his art. New packaging has logos with either “Mike” or “Ike” scribbled out with what looks like a black marker. There's a Tumblr page with statements from both parties. (Ike called Mike color blind–“Lime is green dude! Cherry is red, not purple,” while Mike admitted he was tired of “sitting at home solo playing Words With Friends,” which is something that Ike liked to do.) A video has surfaced with celebrity reactions. (“I'm totally Team Ike after this,” said Eden Sher, a star on the sitcom “The Middle.”) 
It's a sad (and totally weird) time for all. But hey, I heard the Sour Patch Kids are now legal and single.

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