Mike and Doug’s Infamous Duo-Huckleberry IPA Blend, Our Beer of the Week!

Timeless Pints Brewing Company, located close to the Long Beach Airport in Lakewood, is aptly named: they’re brewing beers as a micro should, with passion that translates to rich flavors in each beer. Timeless.  It’s small and comfy, with a friendly staff, the occasional food truck or vendor, and communal tables usually frequented after hours by employees from the Gulfstream and Boeing factories nearby. I was waiting for my sis to fly into Long Beach, almost telling her to Uber it home while I stayed and enjoyed a few more pints…HA!

Their offerings jump around the spectrum. Precarious Proposal is an Amber Ale 5.2% ABV: rich, malty, with a hint of caramel, it’s asy to drink and very enjoyable. A Taste of Fate Red IPA 7.2% ABV, on the other hand, is hoppy with tons of flavor but not bitter and all. Timeless continues the hoppy bit with a strong-but-smooth Simply Simcoe IPA 7.8% ABV. They’re all great, but Timeless’ most, well, timeless is Mike and Doug’s Infamous Duo-Huckleberry IPA Blend 7.4% ABV, a blend of The Bear Reader Huckleberry Oatmeal Stout and IPA. It totally works—but who’s Mike and Doug? And what’s up with these fancy sounding names for their beers? Get your Uber on, and find out why—and why the pilots of Alaska Airlines are always on TIME.

Timeless Pints Brewing Co., 3671 Industry Ave., Unit C1, Lakewood,

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