Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream Introduces 5 New Flavors

Think back to the first mochi-wrapped ball of ice cream you ate — I'm going to guess it was either green tea or Kona coffee flavored. Chances are, it was made by LA's Mikawaya, a century-old purveyor of Japanese dessert whose founder was the first person to think to stuff some ice cream inside some mochi.

Well, now they're introducing five new flavors for the sansei kids running around and every single one sounds amazing.


Here are the new flavors: black sesame, cookies and cream, matcha green tea, mint chip, and plum wine (they'll be joining chocolate, mango, green tea, red bean, strawberry, vanilla, and Kona coffee if you can't remember). They're not available just yet, but should start popping up “soon.” If you really want to taste the flavors first, you can order them from Mikawaya's website. There's a minimum of six boxes, but they'll give you a tee shirt for your troubles.

Particularly curious is the addition of matcha green tea. How's it going to be different from the already existing green tea flavor? If you handed me one of the existing green tea mochi balls and told me it was matcha, I'd completely believe. Well, whatever it is I can't wait to find out.

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