Midnight Insanity Puts the [Rocky] Horror in Halloween

Midnight Insanity, the presenters of The Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings in all their toast-tossing, rice-dropping, being-it glory, recently returned to the Art Theatre in Long Beach after a five-year, renovation-induced hiatus. That's renovations to the historic theater, not Midnight Insanity members. Although . . .

Anyway, the triumphant return brings with it an all-new Halloween show Saturday night.

Now, I could describe for you the Midnight Insanity experience, but our former contributor Victor D. Infante did so brilliantly in “Time Warp, Interrupted.”

(And bringing up Victor allows me to plug his Wednesday poetry reading at the Ugly Mug in Orange with the bride he married in the middle of the Weekly newsroom, Lea C. Deschenes. Visit the event's Facebook page for more information. They'll also be at the Barnes & Noble at Marina Pacifica mall in Long Beach on Nov. 8. Go here for info on that gig.)

Midnight Insanity performed at the Balboa Theater in Newport Beach from 1988-1991, then moved the following year to the Art. They've bounced around since the renovation and a former management team forced their departure from the Art.

The Midnight Insanity Halloween show coincides with the zombie walk presented by another bizarro Art Theatre movie-as-event provider, Mondo Celluloid. Tickets to Rocky Horror are $11, and while you don't have to dress up, dance and laugh your ass off at the antics, you may feel as out of place as a sweet transvestite (from Transexual, Transylvania) at a church picnic if you don't.

The Art is at 2025 E. Fourth St., Long Beach.

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