Michelle Obama Spoke Near “Disaster” Site

The Secret Service protecting Michelle Obama had reason to be suspicious of an ominous sight very close to where the first lady appeared as part of Maria Shriver's Women's Conference 2010 in Long Beach Tuesday.

Cars were overturned at the intersection of First Street and Elm Avenue, but all was not as it seemed.

As Tim Grobaty ultimately reveals in the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the cars were there for a Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial shoot–but not before the hilarious columnist explains how unsettling the disaster sight might be to an unknowing Secret Service agent.

If our sole job in this world was to make certain that nothing untoward befell the first lady, and, then, say, a mammoth car crash occurred within what we considered to be the danger zone, we would toss a blanket over Michelle Obama's head (this isn't getting us on some sort of list or anything like that, is it?) and hustle her out to the armored black Denali and speed out to the awaiting Marine One or Two and chopper her out to the safety of the flight deck of the USS Eisenhower waiting offshore lobbing shells at the coastline.

The commercial crew and stunt people, by the way, were forced to move to Linden Avenue and Third Street.

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