Mexicana Airlines Stewardesses Lose Their Jobs and Their Uniforms

Mexicana Airlines' stewardesses have been out of work since the Mexico City-based carrier filed for bankruptcy two months ago.

So, with no nuts to distribute, beverage carts to push or flotation devices to blow into, they have decided to move their tails for you in another way.

By showing them off.

A dozen Mexicana stewardesses posed for the 2011 pin-up calendar you see here.

“We have families to feed and this was an amazing opportunity to change my line of work,” Maribel Zavala explained to a wire service scribe.

Each month features flight attendants barely dressed in bikinis or aviation suits against airline-themed backgrounds, begging the question:.

If the lovely lasses had dressed like that in the air, would Mexicana Airlines be bankrupt?

Financially, I mean.

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