Mexican Ska Makes Its Way to Orange County

Trying to turn a Mexican ska wave into a tsunami is what Los Estrambóticos is here to do.

Since 1992, the six-piece band have been taking the stage and trying to spread the movement of Mexican ska to all parts of the world.

After a worldwide tour in 2016, Los Estrambóticos is making its return to the U.S. to take over an Orange County stage for another energy filled seven show tour that started in Tijuana and will end in Texas.

“We like the people in the U.S. and thanks to the internet and Spotify we have so many platforms to reach a wide population and people from a lot of places,” says lead singer Arturo “Pino” Ruelas.

The band has been playing ska mixed with upbeat pop music for over 26 years after forming a garage band in high school. In time their shows became legendary, packing in crowds at small venues and opening for other bands until they were eventually signed to a record label.

According to Ruelas, ska music is a big and important movement in Mexico right now and they are one of many Mexican ska bands in the Country. He also says that ska music is getting a lot of attention and recognition in cities like Mexico City so it looks like there are very few bands doing ska

“The thing about Mexico is that there is so much music and so many bands so it looks like there are very few bands doing ska and it might be a little piece of the cake but it’s still a very important kind of music here, ” says Ruelas.

Ruelas believes that physical copies like cassettes and vinyl records are the way to go when releasing music even if platforms like Apple Music and Spotify are also helpful in getting their music heard. The band is planning on releasing all albums and music on a Spotify playlist by October.

Los Estrambóticos are have worked on nine albums and have recently came out with two new songs including, “La Fuerza del Latino,” and the album, Basado en Hechos Reales, will be released in October. The new album will be released by Resiste Records, which is the bands own record label. 

“We like to send the message that music is a way to reach the different cultures and to bring people together,” Ruelas says. “Ska music has no barriers and it has nothing that separates  people.”

Los Estrambóticos will be playing in Anaheim at the Avenue OC on April 27. Door are at 9 p.m. and it is a 21 and over event.

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