Mexican Cocaine Dealer Facing Seventh Deportation From California

Convicted cocaine dealer Daniel Sanchez Cano was born in Mexico in 1976 and is a resident of that nation, but he'd apparently rather live here.

We know this because Cano, who sometimes uses the name Canon, has illegally entered the United States and been deported by federal agents six times: April 8, 1997; January 27, 2000; June 19, 2003; June 15, 2009; February 18, 2011; and February 27, 2011, according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) records.

Following an April arrest in Orange County, sheriff's department officials notified the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that Cano had returned to California without government permission.


The Mexican–who allegedly confessed to an ICE agent during an interrogation that he has never requested legal entry into this country–is now facing his seventh deportation.

Cano is represented by a taxpayer-funded defense lawyer and is being held in the custody of U.S. marshals.

He has exerted U.S. Constitutional protections to remain silent and to have an attorney present during future government questioning.

A July 22 hearing for the case has been scheduled inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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