Metallica Bride Annette Ortiz-Diaz Talks About Her Viral Video

Last week we posted a video of a bride playing Metallica's “Master of Puppets” at her Beatles-themed wedding. It turned viral pretty quickly, and now has more than 250,000 views. The video was posted on Blabbermouth, Metal Insider, CBS news and more. The couple, veteran musicians Annette Ortiz-Diaz and Dennis Diaz, have since been invited to do talk shows and interviews from San Francisco to Australia. After the jump, they talk about how it all happened.

OC Weekly:  Did you expect the video to go viral?
Dennis Diaz:
We just meant to share this with friends and family, not the whole world.
Annette Ortiz-Diaz: No, not at all. If ever, not this quick. I was surprised and amused by it all–what a trip!

Dennis: I wish I edited the video better!

What has been the most interesting reaction?
: It's a toss up between a) Those who've been counting the You Tube
dislikes as people who were possibly my exes, not invited to the
wedding or had a normal wedding; and b) That one person who thinks it's
fake. Uh, the band has some gig and practice footage out there too,
you know!
Dennis: We actually inspired some people and gave them ideas for their own weddings.

Why did you choose to play “Master of Puppets”?
: Aside from both of us liking Metallica, it was the first Metallica song
we learned together. After seeing them play live (on their Death
Magnetic tour), I for the first time and Dennis for the nth time, we
started jamming the song at home.
Dennis: Just because we can.

Do you think it's more legit because of the haters?
: Haha, oh yes! 😀 And it's cool how some people were defending us too.

Annette, list your drumming idols.
Hmm, this is pretty tough because I never really think about this. I
admire Stewart Copeland of the Police, Palmolive of The Slits/Raincoats,
Jimmy Chamberlain of Smashing Pumpkins, Dennis Chambers, and Dorky
Mallare of Chain Gang, and I really love Lars Ulrich's work in the Ride
the Lightning and Master of Puppets albums.

Any “you're definitely famous now” reactions?
:  Do I look like Matt Heafy? Well, he's not a bad looking dude! (Laughs.)

Here it is again:

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