Metal Mondays

Mondays usually involve a fair amount of screaming, thrashing and rioting—if only on the inside of your own head. For those fearing a postal-style snap at the office one of these days, the Slidebar has your outlet. Behold Metal Mondays: a weekly conglomeration of booze, sex and heavy metal. This week features local boys Goodbye to Sunlight, a heavy-rock outfit sprung from the gutters of Orange County and Riverside. That takes care of the metal—but what about the sex and booze? Metal Mondays also includes Money Shot Karaoke hosted by adult stars—so be sure to smear some antibacterial shit all over that mic—and drink specials including $3 PBR cans. Low class, and we like it.

Mon., Aug. 22, 9 p.m., 2011

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