Metal Goes Green With Nekrogoblikon

Goblins have existed on this planet for thousands of years. But only recently have these mythical creatures entered the music scene, most notably in the form of SoCal melodic death-metal band Nekrogoblikon.

In 2006, the band were formed by a group of eager Northern California college students who relocated to Santa Barbara. With their early inclination to blend power and death metals with GWAR-esque panache, Nekrogoblikon gained a small army of fans and produced three full-length albums—all about goblins. This self-proclaimed goblin metal band boasts a real-life goblin, John Goblikon, who travels with the band as a roadie and mascot. Though the band have not toured heavily, they have played in Europe and parts of Asia in addition to North America. Currently, the band are on a mini-tour of the East Coast with thrash bands Havok and Battlecross.

Nekrogoblikon vocalist Scorpion recently gave us the lowdown on goblinology, goblin discrimination and the band's future plans, including their free show Monday at the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen.

OC WEEKLY: What are goblins? Where are they from?

SCORPION: Well, as we understand it, they are these small green mythical creatures that come from an island deep in the outer limits of outer space. They want to destroy humanity or, at the very least, bring our numbers down and usher in some form of population control. They have a diet of human teeth, drink alcohol and can give off foul odors.

What makes goblins the perfect subject matter for heavy-metal music? Do you think they could be part of any other musical genre?

I think there is something about goblins that just make them fit with metal; they are small and can be tricksters, and people think they can be evil. Metal has this sort of zany, wacky, bestial and heavy sound to it that kind of matches. To me, it just works—I don't know about other genres. But to me, the sound of the music just sounds goblin-like to me.

Do you guys get discriminated against for having a goblin as part of your crew?

Yes, unfortunately. I think this is because goblins are misunderstood. They are construed as evil. But, our goblin, John Goblikon, is not evil—I assure you. He's just a regular goblin like any other out there. We get discriminated against all the time for having him with us. Certain places are really prejudiced and won't allow him in the venue. He has to wait in our van because they have a “No Greens” mentality, and we have to deal with it. We usually just keep him in our cargo van with some beer and wait it out, then sneak him in. I think overall, though, things are looking progressive around the world, but we're still a ways off from true equality.

What are the band's plans for 2016?

We're definitely going to be putting more emphasis on touring in 2016. For the past few years, we haven't done too much touring. We have done some, but here and there, so this coming new year, we are going to tour and play more shows, get our music out there, and bring John Goblikon to the fans. Be ready.

What can fans expect from your show at the Slidebar?

They can expect a crazy good time, merriness, and people dancing and singing to lots of good tunes. We bring a party vibe to our concerts, believe it or not. It's definitely a fun experience and a heavy experience all in one. We can't wait to see everyone: Bring your families!

Nekrogoblikon perform with Antagonist, Darksun, Zombie Eating Horse and So This Is Suffering at the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, 122 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, (714) 871-2233; Mon., 8 p.m. Free. 21+.

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