Metal Detectors to Make Entering OC Board of Supervisors Meetings Like Standing in TSA Line

Subject for your sad-commentary-on-these-times approval: You'll soon have to pass through a metal detector to attend meetings of the Orange County Board of Supervisors in Santa Ana.


The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, which is a network of law enforcement agencies, recommended metal detectors and searches of all purses and bags, according to county officials, who say the added security will begin March 3 and cost $23,000 annually.

No specific threat or incident triggered the move, according to Supervisor Shawn Nelson

“It's been brewing for awhile,” he told City News Service. “They've done a whole threat assessment of the facility there, how operations are run, etcetera, but there's no trigger that I'm aware of.”

But what about the metal plate in [INSERT NAME OF YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SUPERVISOR]'s head?

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