Messy, Lovable, Yummy Chunk-n-Chip Cookies

Ninth entry in our series where we promise to review, for better or worse,
every “high-end” roach coach that visits the Weekly's world
headquarters. Another truck visits next Monday–when will
mobile food truck come?
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And before I begin, a brief programming note: Dos Chinos–your review will come soon. Need to find the pinche pictures I took of ustedes…now, back to the program.

“Try to order one without smiling. We dare you,” the Chunk-n-Chip Cookies truck website boasts. Usually, I'd eviscerate such pomposity, but I cannae in this case. Most important: they follow through on their boast, with thick, tasty cookies buttressed around a scoop of ice cream to create ice cream sandwiches of plenty. But try saying anything rude to a truck whose star employee is the owner's young, ebullient daughter. Awwww…make sure to tip her.

Chunk-n-Chip makes their cookies fresh, and gives their creation goofy names–again, something I'd usually bring out the knives for, but cuteness that works. The above monster is the Nutty Wutty–chocolate chip mixed with peanut butter cup–and the ice cream is vanilla.

Beautiful: warmed, fresh cookie whose heat melts the ice cream so the chocolate chips begin running through the scoop. Fire and ice: that most enchanting, primordial of combos. My only problem with the treat was its allure: as it melted, it began dripping down the butcher paper the Chunk-n-Chip people gave me to hold it. A bowl is much better, the better to catch the rivers of vanilla that spring forth.

Ustedes know how I feel about one-trick dessert trucks, so I won't bring it up here. Summer is finally heating up, so follow Chunk-n-Chip wherever they may be. And remember to tip the kid!

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