Mesa III at Cistmontane Brewery Tasting Room, Our Drink of (Last) Week!

My aversion to beer is well-known to the faithful lushes who read this column. But I couldn't pass up a chance to hang out with the Orange County chapter of MENSA at Cistmontane Brewery's tasting room in SanTana earlier this month when they asked me to blabber for an hour. The kind nerds tried to ply me with beer after beer after beer–nothing worked until they got me the Mesa II.


It's more of a beer cocktail that full-on cerveza, honestly: 40 percent wine to 60 percent pilsner. But it was a fabulous brew: tangy, sweet, a perfect antidote to the weekend's sweltering heat. One drink turned to two turned to three turned to Uber–score! PS, Cistmontane's tasting room is a beaut, attracting hipsters, old-school gabachos, and smart-ass cholos who long ago graduated from Bud Light–SanTana heaven. Go there TODAY.

Cistmontane Brewery Tasting Room, 1409 E Warner Ave., Santa Ana, (949) 888-2739;

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