Meringue Bake Shop's Genius-Delicious Push-Up Cake Pop

Cupcakes, cakes, et al? SO 2007. Doesn't mean I won't eat them, of course. But I am just obsessed now–and you know I'd usually never be such a cheerleaders, so this is legit–with the picture before you: a push-up cake pop made by Meringue Bake Shop of Anaheim.

It's exactly how it sounds: a cake compressed into a tube, each layer unveiling itself as it's pushed up after you finish each sweet layer. I had one with salted caramel–frosting followed by cake followed by caramel followed by frosting, caramel, cake, frosting, caramel, and finally a cake.

Quoth George Takei: Oh my. Meringue already made a superior product, but this push-up cake is simply mesmerizing: concentrated flavors, bite-sized, perfect. I also ate one of lemon curd, blueberries, and more frosting–even after a day in the glove compartment of my car, the blueberries remained juicy, the lemon curd tart. Oh my.

Their website says they set up shop at the Great Park Farmers' Market–buy one for three bucks, or two for $5. This cheapskate spent that money gladly, and so should you–the push-up cake is the greatest advancement in cakes since red velvet.

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