Memphis Begins Selling their Barbecue Spice Rubs and Sauce

With the college football sham-of-a-replacement-for-a-true-playoff season called bowl time, many of ustedes will fire up the barbecue grill from here to Super Bowl Sunday. Instead of heading down to Ralph's and buying some soul-less 'cue sauce, why not try the sauces and spice rubs of the Weekly's longtime go-to place for barbecue and booze, Memphis?

I'm actually not much of a 'cue guy meself–that's what happens when you eat carne asada for a lifetime and prefer your beef thin and burnt to carbon–but Memphis does a stellar job with everything they do, and the sauces are no exception: tangy, thick enough to not glop off your meat, with the heat popping in toward the end. The spice rub soaks into meat and draws out rivers of juices you never knew existed in pork or beef.

I'm sure both Memphis locations have them, but I'm only aware of them being sold at the SanTana location, since I live at the bar off Manhattans and the psychoanalysis offered for gratis by Johnny Sampson.

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