Memphis 20th Year Anniversary Party

The Weekly isn’t the only thing celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Memphis Café is also hosting its 20th birthday at the restaurant today, which is beautiful, because that’s how long it’s been nourishing generation after generation of Weeklings with its booze and Californian-ized Southern food. Heck, I barely knew how to drink until I had my first Old Fashioned there, and look at me now — a full fledged drunken journalist. Head over there in the evening for backyard barbeque that’s sure to be scrumptious, a few local bands, and, of course, some nice drinks. It’ll probably get a little crowded, but don’t fret ‘cause this is only going to happen once, so drink up. Memphis might not be legal yet, but shhhh…

Sun., Sept. 6, 4 p.m., 2015

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