Memorial Day Metal: Free Sampler from Victory Records

If you're looking for a thunderous soundtrack for the Memorial Day barbecue scene, check out the Victory Records Facebook page for a free 13-track sampler available through Monday.   

The highlights are “Unravel” from Cleveland's Ringworm, and “Firefight” from Blackguard's newest release.  Other
notables include “Versus” by Within The Ruins, and a brutal mosh-core stomper “Demons with Ryu” from Emmure's latest album, Speaker of the Dead. The “Rise
Up And Revolt” music video by death metal legends Jungle Rot from their upcoming release Kill On Command comes as well.

Full track listing after the jump.

1.       Ringworm – “Unravel”
2.       Blackguard – “Firefight”
3.       OTEP – “Fists Fall”
4.       Destrophy – “Closer”
5.       Sister Sin – “24/7”
6.       Ill Nino – “Bleed Like You”
7.       Dr. Acula – “Party 2.0”
8.       Emmure – “Demons with Ryu”
9.       Within the Ruins – “Versus”
10.   Wretched – “My Carrion”
11.   Pathology – “Legacy of the Ancients”
12.   Carnifex – “Names Mean Nothing”
13.   Throwback MOSH – “Blood for Blood- Down to the Bar”

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