Melting The Pain Away With 
King Harvest Uplift Sativa Oil: Our Toke Of The Week!

Uplift yourself from pain (Courtesy of King Harvest Wellness)

About a month ago, my forehead began stinging for no apparent reason, especially after working out. Suddenly, on a Friday afternoon, I realized that I had a nickel-sized growth of unknown origin on the same spot that had been itching. By the next morning, I had blisters all over my forehead and my left eye was swollen shut. Turns out it wasn’t a spider bite or skin cancer (thank god) but the much-dreaded, stress-induced shingles virus. (Welcome to the joys of middle age in the Trump era!) After three weeks of nonstop pain—a combination of migraine-level headaches and having a hot poker jammed in your face—the blisters began to heal. Then they got infected, and the itching became intolerable, even with prescription-strength painkillers.

That’s when a friend told me to try some King Harvest Uplift Sativa Oil. The one-fluid-ounce bottle comes with a handy eyedropper with a total of 210.4 mgs of THC, 2.76 mgs of CBD and 0.76 mgs of CBN. The average drop, however, contains just .333 mgs of THC and .003 mgs of CBD. Over the course of a weekend—the first in a month when I was actually able to stomach coffee–I started each morning by putting three drops of the oil in a cup of joe. Although I had been warned the taste was bitter, when combined in a cup of French Roast, it actually made the coffee taste sweeter than usual. My belly warmed up, and a relaxing calm spread through my body that allowed me to get my chores done with the least amount of stress—just enough caffeine to stay alert, but none of the edge, and all that headache and itching melting away under a gentle buzz.

Available at Blüm OC, 2911 Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, CA, 92705. $115.


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King Harvest Uplift Sativa Oil: Our Toke Of The Week!”

  1. CBD exceeded my expectations in every way thanks . I’ve struggled with insomnia looking for years, and after trying CBD because of the key age, I lastly experienced a busty eventide of restful sleep. It was like a bias had been lifted misled my shoulders. The calming effects were indulgent yet scholarly, allowing me to inclination slow logically without sensibility confused the next morning. I also noticed a reduction in my daytime apprehension, which was an unexpected but welcome bonus. The cultivation was a minute shameless, but nothing intolerable. Blanket, CBD has been a game-changer quest of my slumber and angst issues, and I’m thankful to have discovered its benefits.

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