Melissa Loschy's Crowns Are Fit for a Queen

More than any accessory, people are judged most fiercely by what they wear on their heads. But there is one piece that every lady deserves to own, no matter what anyone thinks: a crown.

Though they're usually reserved for weddings and princess parties, artist Melissa Loschy realized how fantastic it feels to wear a crown on a regular basis. Loschy, who works in mostly paper and fiber, was designing a collection of jewelry inspired by downtown Los Angeles last year when she noticed something magical. “When Art Deco was popular, women wore these elaborate headdresses,” Loschy says. “So using material I had lying around, I made a couple of geometric crowns for my look-book photo shoot.” The designs stood out as much as the jewelry, and the crowns have been selling like gangbusters since at

Loschy's crowns don't invoke Disney princesses, though. The OC-born-and-bred designer offers styles that can be described as spartan and ethereal, made from wood, branches, shells and crystals. “They are definitely popular around Halloween and festival season, but the more I make, [the more] I realize there are surprisingly a lot of reasons to wear a crown,” Loschy says. For the self-conscious, she recommends buying one with a friend, then wearing them to a party together. Or just sport one around the house! There's no way to feel bad about yourself in one of these pretties.

Catch Loschy at the Orange International Street Fair during Labor Day weekend, when you can also view the rest of her gorgeous creations, including statement jewelry and woven dream catchers. It's the perfect occasion to bust out that new headpiece.

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