Megan Miko Wachi Due in Court Today for Sex-Trick Scam Gone Very Bad

A Huntington Beach woman is due in court this morning for a pre-trial hearing tied to charges leveled against her in alleged sex-trick scam gone bad.

Very, very bad.

Megan Miko Wachi, 22, allegedly planned to rob a man who'd hired her for sex the night of Dec. 8 via text messaging. She left her encounter with no cash, a boyfriend who'd been shot in the abdomen and, after a police stop, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and attempted robbery charges hanging over her pretty head.

It all went down at the wanna-be john's business in the 8600 block of Watson Street in Cypress. When Wachi showed up with her boyfriend, Michael Alexander Diaz, 21, of Fountain Valley, the customer backed out of the deal. Diaz is then alleged to have walked up to the man, pulled out a BB gun and pointed it at the victim, who pulled out a real gun he kept at the business, firing once and wounding the boyfriend.

Wachi and Diaz managed to leave as the man called 9-1-1, according to Cypress Police, who say they stopped a white pickup containing the couple around 10:30 that night. Diaz was taken to the hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound and his girlfriend was trotted off to jail, where she was held on $50,000 bail. Once Diaz is mended, he'll answer to the same charges as his honey.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office statement on Wachi's arraignment last week follows:

December 10, 2010

Courtesy of the Cypress Police Department
Megan Mako Wachi


SANTA ANA – A woman was arraigned this afternoon in for conspiring with
her boyfriend to rob a potential sex customer. Megan Miko Wachi, 22,
Huntington Beach, and Michael Alexander Diaz, 21, Fountain Valley, are
both charged with one felony count each of conspiracy to commit a
robbery and attempted robbery.  Wachi is being held on $50,000 bail and
will be in court for a pre-trial hearing Dec. 15, 2010, at 8:30 a.m. in
Department W-15, West Justice Center, Westminster. Diaz has a warrant
for his arrest until he is able to be released from the hospital.

On Dec. 8, 2010, Wachi is accused of text messaging a male acquaintance
and agreeing to exchange sexual acts for money.  Wachi and Diaz are
accused of going to the victim's place of business located at 8611
Watson Street in Cypress with the intent to rob the victim if he backed
out of the deal. After the defendants arrived at the business, the
victim backed out of the deal.  Diaz is accused of walking up and
pointing a BB gun at the victim. The victim shot Diaz using a firearm he
kept at his business and wounded Diaz. He then called 911. The
defendants are accused of fleeing in a white pick-up and were stopped by
Cypress Police at about 10:30 p.m. Diaz was taken to the hospital to be
treated for a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. 

Cypress Police investigated this case.

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