Meg Whitman in Garden Grove Today Telling The Jobbed How She is Going to Create Jobs


Meg Whitman, your Republican nominee for governor, tours Earth Friendly Products in Garden Grove at 10 this morning, before pausing to tell workers how she is going to create jobs.

Great. But why share her cure with a bunch of people who already have jobs? Why not face the huddled masses yearning to be employed at job fairs and unemployment offices?

What's worse is the former eBay CEO's pledge to create 2 million private sector jobs in California by 2015 includes no provisions that directly and immediately lead to plopping unemployed butts into empty hiring office chairs.

She instead would instead go the trickle-down stimulus route, cutting factory taxes, the state's capital gains tax and taxes on businesses of every size, and granting businesses tax breaks for purchasing new equipment and research and development.

Whitman claims she'd also institute her tax incentives
and credits for businesses to train and hire displaced workers.

Jerry Brown, the Democrat re-running for governor and campaigning today in the Bay Area, doesn't get any more specific about quickly converting the jobless into the jobbed in his plan, which calls for cutting regulations, improving education and job training, stimulating clean
energy businesses and “encouraging” manufacturing jobs, business start-ups and expansions.

Brown also vows to start a “strike team” to focus on job retention and creation. Great. At least that guarantees jobs for members of the strike team.

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