Meg Whitman, Chuck DeVore's Choice for Governor, is Now a “Self-Funded Dilettante”

Chuck DeVore, who is leaving his Irvine-based state Assembly seat for private life after losing the U.S. Senate GOP primary to eventual general election loser Carly Fiorina, posted this on his Facebook page Oct. 4:

“If we are to win and provide an opportunity to enact our
ideas, we need to vote for those viable candidates who most represent
what we want in an elected official. That means the choice for governor
is between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. That's why I am voting for Meg

Here's an email ol' Chuckie sent out last week (I bolded a certain line for emphasis):

“A Schwarzenegger hangover saved California Democrats from a wipeout as the Tea Party wave washed harmlessly up the High Sierra's eastern slope. Democrats won eight of nine statewide offices, with the race for attorney general looking more Republican as the late ballots get tallied. Democrats also racked up their largest State Assembly majority since the Watergate blowout year of 1974 (52 seats of 80). And, the passage of union-sponsored Prop. 25 allows Democrats to enact a budget with a simple majority vote. But for visual confirmation of this election's connection to the failed “Republican” governor, one need only look at governor-elect Jerry Brown's ad showing Arnold Schwarzenegger side-by-side with Meg Whitman uttering the same platitudinous inanities we've come to expect from self-funded dilettantes who neither have the time to vote nor the inclination to first seek a lesser office so as to gain political experience.”

My, how partisans eat their own after taking a thumping at the polls.

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