Medieval Times Sued for Sex Discrimination, Animal Cruelty

A former cast member at Medieval Times’ internationally-acclaimed dinner shows is accusing management of firing her for protesting gender discrimination, harassment and the torture of horses used during performances.

Los Angeles resident Bethany Regan—self-styled as a bikini model, comedian, actress, singer and dancer—claims she was given “limited opportunities to ride horses as part of the Buena Park dinner show that male cast members were offered, paid less than male cast members, and subjected to more harsh treatment and training than [male employees].”

In her 16-page lawsuit, Regan also reports that her “volatile” managers failed to pay earned wages while ignoring her complaints, increasing harassment and finally firing her after she repeatedly protested “the mistreatment of and cruelty to the horses.”

She claims she was “shocked and appalled” mistreatment included “whipping the horses unnecessarily and to the point where one of the horses had large welts over its body” in addition to causing the animals to suffer dehydration, mouth bleeding and exhaustion, according to the lawsuit. 

Such abuse ended in the death of at least one horse, Regan asserted. 

After the onetime “Employee of the Month” with “a history of being a dedicated and diligent employee” complained, she says Medieval Times’ management created a “false” excuse that she’d spread untrue rumors as a pretext to fire her In March 2018.

The lawsuit was assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford this month.

Medieval Times’ officials, who successfully pushed to transfer the case from state court, deny the allegations.

Inside Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Guilford ordered the parties to undergo mediation before a potential jury trial for damages. 

6 Replies to “Medieval Times Sued for Sex Discrimination, Animal Cruelty”

  1. I attended the Medieval Times in Buena Park tonight. August 28, 2019 and observed beautiful horses under a lot of stress. I have owned horses and volunteer for equine rescues. These animals are not being well cared for. I’m sad to see these magnificent creatures being attended by uncaring or uneducated persons. Doesn’t have to happen.

  2. Currently watching a show here. I see one of horses foaming at the mouth fro exhaustion. Also being whipped on stage my heart is breaking for even purchasing tickets here!!!!

  3. I was here in September for a friend’s birthday (not realizing what it was) and had to leave because of the way the horses were being treated. I was sobbing – can’t even imagine how they are feeling. I wish this would be shut down.

  4. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday and thought this would be a fun experience to watch and I’ll admit it was tough watching those horses performing under such duress. Excessive foaming at the mouth and I could tell whenever they were forced to bow that it hurt them. I didn’t know that the horses were being mistreated and looked miserable. Never again! I’m truly truly sorry for those horses and the abuse that they are currently suffering from. I don’t see the difference between this and Sea World….I don’t.

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