Medical Marijuana Minus the Buzz?

Imagine ingesting some primo marijuana and receiving all the benefits you've come to expect with one glaring exception:

The buzz.


The Orange County Register's Pat Brennan has the scoop today on new research from Chapman University scientist Keun-Hang Susan Yang aimed at developing a prescription form of the devil's weed that would keep the nausea-reducing chemical cannabidiol (CBD) and exclude the euphoria-producing chemical tetraydrocannabinol (THC).

That's being billed as good news for, say, chemotherapy patients who just want to stop the vomiting without the sudden urge to listen to Dead jams while staring at black-light posters.

Dr. Buzzkiller, who specializes in bioscience and computational biology, had her first paper explaining how this can be done published in February's Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Her follow-up runs in this month's Neuroscience. These papers lay the groundwork for future experiments on animals, and you can imagine the hacky sack players shopping for rat costumes.

No need.

“The target for us is to conduct careful and well-controlled experiments in humans,” Yang tells Brennan, “the Science Dude” (not to be confused with The Dude),

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