Media Blitz: 'Don't… Accept Their Bullshit They Pass as Culture.'

Pizza, beer and free punk rock: not a bad way to spend a Friday night. Local punk mainstays Media Blitz will celebrate the release of their new EP, A Voice of Our Own at Pepz Pizza in La Habra tomorrow. It will be released on clear blue vinyl and CD formats. Concussion, A Dying Breed and The Shrills will support the EP release.
We spoke with singer Jason Schwartz via email about their new release, the Gnarmageddon Fest at the Glass House on June 18 that he co-founded and why you should start a band.

OC Weekly: How does A Voice of Our Own differ from the No Regrets EP?

Jason Schwartz:
Well, the No Regrets EP was the first-ever official release we ever had.
Since that release, I feel like we have become a lot more recognized in
the punk and hardcore communities of SoCal. This release is exciting
because I want to see where it will take us. I would say the No
was a heavier session. A Voice of Our Own has a lot heavier
content though.

What went into the recording of this 7-inch?

We took alot more time of this recording. The first 7-inch was done
in two days. This one was done in about five. We had a lot more time to
really mess with stuff until we liked it. We recorded it with our
friend and fellow musician Ryan Doria (All or Nothing HC, Terezodu) at his home studio in Anaheim.
The biggest challenge was me being deathly ill almost
the entire recording process.

What are some of the ideas or themes you write about in this EP? Where
the title come from?

The title comes from the running theme of
the record. This record talks a lot about our dissatisfaction of the
world around us. Whether it be the direct local punk environment to the
federal government. We really stress taking your own route as opposed
to marching the beaten path. It's about speaking up and having control
and a say.

What was the idea behind your album artwork for this one? It has a
simplistic look and a color scheme like the cover of
GI by The Germs. Is
that what you were going for?

It just kinda worked out that way. We
wanted a simplistic artwork because it's a simple message. Everyone
has their own voice. Don't just listen to the radio, watch Glee, and
accept their bullshit they pass as culture.

Other than the fact that they have awesome pizza, why did you choose
to have
your release party at Pepz Pizza?

We personally
boycott bar shows. A lot of the kids that go to our shows are under 21.
The dudes that are over 21 don't always have their hearts in the right
places. They attend bar shows for booze as opposed to music. We wanted
to have a party atmosphere and be able to include everyone. Pepz is
the perfect place because they support free punk music. If you want to
drink, that's cool. If you're straight edge, then eat some pizza. If you're
vegan, they have alot of cool options. It was kind of a no-brainer.

How have the lineup changes over the years
affected the
sound and the direction of the band? Especially in this new recording?

A lot of people ask me these kind of questions. The truth is that
until Ryan Blank (bass) and Jeff Salisbury (drums) were in the band, we didn't have much
direction. With the addition of “Shreddie” Eddie Oropeza (guitar), it gave us
a lot of thrash sound. We are at a great mix of punk, thrash and
hardcore right now that I think a lot of people are getting down with.
I think this record has our longest song we have ever written,
clocking in at a little over two minutes. I think that is an accomplishment. Our songs are fast and to the point.

You're playing at the Gnarmageddon Fest on the 18th and one of the pre-shows. What
your thoughts on the fest and who are you most excited to see and why?

I am most excited to see DOA from Canada. They are hardcore pioneers
and they don't get the credit they deserve.

What was your role in putting on the Gnarmageddon Fest?
My friend Danny Lyerla
and I put the entire fest together. We learned a lot this year. It will
be an annual event. I promise every year will be better and better. We
come at this festival as music fans. I just put a line up together
that I would really like to see, then I do my best to make it
happen. We don't have any record labels or sponsors, so we really have
freedom to do whatever we want. In coming years if you have any bands
that you want to see let us know. We love feedback.

What's next for Media Blitz?
Both Gnarmageddon shows, then we are on a U.S. tour for a month. Then get back home and some local promotion. Then more tours at the end of the year. Playing live as much as possible.

Anything else you'd like fans or haters to know?

Yeah, start a band. Give back to punk and hardcore. Go to house shows, local shows and big shows. Everyone is very lucky to live in Orange County and have such a rich punk history. Don't treat it like shit.

Media Blitz performs with Concussion, A Dying Breed and the Shrills at Pepz Pizza, 165 S. Harbor Boulevard, La Habra, (562) 501-2222. Fri., 7 p.m. Free. All ages.


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