Brave New World at Mission Control at McFadden Public Market, Our Drink of the Week!

OC’s first official barcade officially opened last week at McFadden Public Market in downtown SanTana. The food is fine—the fried chicken stall Rooster Republic is the best, and the portions are HUGE —but I can live here forever with all the arcades, from the original The Simpsons to that old one with the kangaroo that fights the monkeys, to an awesome pinball selection (but dear Leonard Chan: bring down the prices to a quarter per play, por favor!).

The other reason McFadden is already a winner is Mission Control, the bar run by Jefferson Van Billiard in tandem with Aristotle Alstaetter Alstaetter, the finest young tag team since the Hart Foundation. They already have me hooked on the Brave New World.

I usually don’t care for tart drinks, but Van Billiard knows how to tame citrus like a pluviculturist. Here, he takes bourbon, lemon, white cacao liqueur and vanilla to create something that tastes like a manly lemon square—BOOM. Both Van Billiard and Alstaetter promise better things to come —but that’s like Lebron James saying his past six years was just a prelude to the Deluge. Go get ‘em, gents!

Mission Control at McFadden Public Market, 515 N. Main St., Santa Ana, (657) 232-3338;

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