McDonald's Zings Taco Bell Over “Ronald McDonald” Ad; Offers Free Coffee Until April 13

To counter the successfully engineered hype about Taco Bell's new breakfast waffle taco, which included a commercial where Taco Bell rounded up people actually named Ronald McDonald and got them to say they loved it, McDonald's has created a zinger of its own: a picture of Ronald, kneeling down to pet a very tiny Chihuahua, with the caption “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


The company posted it recently on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And also, it has announced it will be giving away free small coffees during breakfast hours starting today and until April 13, which just goes to show, when multi-national, fast-food corporations fight, amusement and free stuff ensue.

Haven't seen the Taco Bell commercial that started it all? See it below:

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