McDonald's Will Use Facebook's Geolocation App

Would you want people to know you're eating your fifth Big Mac in a week at exactly the moment you eat it? McDonald's and social networking giant Facebook will let you do just that. The two companies are reportedly teaming up to use Facebook's upcoming geolocation feature, which could potentially broadcast to everyone you know how messed up your eating habits are. This is the first time a marketer such as McDonald's will use the new Facebook feature.

If you can call it that, one of the “benefits” of the app is that it would reward customers who “check-in” with coupons they can use on subsequent visits. Of course, there's a drawback I can think of: your Facebook friends can easily compile an incriminating list of all the times you went to stuff a Quarter Pounder down your gullet and then use it against you on your upcoming weight-loss intervention.

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