McDonald's Wage Change Won't Automatically Affect OC's Franchises

Lots of McDonald's news lately, as this week alone company announced that it was going to test serving all-day breakfast in a handful of stores in San Diego (if this ever rolls out nationwide, I'll never not order a sausage McMuffin again) AND, more important, will be raising the wages of the employees of its company-owned stores starting later this year. They'll also be offering additional benefits.


The approximately 90,000 employees nation-wide will get a $1 raise above the local minimum wage, averaging out to about $9.90 over the entire workforce. Employees who've been at the stores for over a year will even be eligible for paid time off.

Don't lower your standards yet though, unemployed college students. While this change sounds good, it's only live at corporate stores, of which most of OC's locations are not. I looked through dozens of McDonald's listings in Orange County, and didn't find a single non-franchise. Whether the franchisees decide to raise their wages is up to them, but keep in mind, franchisees, In-N-Out routinely has the best fast food customer service ever, and everyone's heard stories about how we'll those employees are paid..

Now, back to getting McMuffins all day..

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