McDonald's To Debut New Health-Focused Happy Meal Commercial Today

Ad Age broke the news that the Golden Arches will begin a campaign to teach kids better nutrition. Unless you've been living in a hole the past two decades, you'd know that the company has long been criticized by health advocates of peddling unhealthy food to impressionable minds. It has become fodder for such scathing documentaries as Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me.

Of the new ads, a McDonald's spokesman said that “For the first time, 100 percent of our national marketing efforts to
kids will include nutrition or active-lifestyle messages, a significant
move in our ongoing commitment to children's wellbeing.”

The new TV spots will feature none of the old McDonald's gang of
characters. Not Grimace. Not the Hamburglar. Not even Ronald. The first
of the series will start airing today and tells the story of a goat who
eats everything when he should be eating more dairy and more
fruit…care of the chocolate milk and apple slices found in McDonald's
Happy Meal, of course.

Nation's Restaurant News has details on the other commercials to follow and offers the video of the first below.

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