McDonald's Serving Steak For Breakfast

There's been a lot of McDonald's news lately. First, it was those Mighty Wings (which debuted officially yesterday). Then the announcement that the “Extra Value Menu” was being phased out. Now, McDonald's has started serving steak for breakfast.


Bloomberg reports that the chain introduced the Steak, Egg N Cheese McMuffin, the Steak, Egg N Cheese Biscuit, and the Steak, Egg N Cheese Bagel last month in select markets, and is now beginning to roll it out nationwide “in about 9,600 of the chain's more than 14,100 domestic locations.”

The last time McDonald's announced they were introducing a new item, their rival Burger King countered it with their French Fry Burger. In response to this, will they put tater tots in a Croissantwich?

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