McDonald's Apologizes to Mexicans for Calling Tamales “A Thing of the Past”

As if McDonald's bad news can't get any worse–from plummeting sales to lame ad campaigns to their creepy newish mascot to everything–now comes this: they just apologized to Mexico and Mexicans everywhere for insulting the tamale, that most essential of Mexican meals.

The above ad was placed earlier this week, telling people that tamales are a “thing of the past” and for Mexicans to try the McBurrito, which is another wrapped meal. And, of course, Mexicans went nuts.


Here's the full story.

OF COURSE tamales are a thing of the past–it's one of the oldest fundamentally unchanged meals in the world. That's what makes them a thing of the present and the future, too–THEY'RE ETERNAL. Also, the bigger insult here is the name–McBurrito a la Mexicana, which is a redundancy if ever there was one…

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