Matthew “Wilko” Wilkinson, Ranked Surfer, Arrested in Newport Beach

Matthew “Wilko” Wilkinson, a wildly successful professional surfer from Australia, recently had a wild weekend in Newport Beach and ended up arrested for public intoxication, according to the Newport Beach Independent.

The Independent's Sara Hall reported that police found Wilkinson “laying in the street” not far from the Newport Pier on Oct. 22 and took him into custody.

Hall's report also notes that Wilkinson has moved to Newport Beach at least temporarily and is ranked one of the top professional surfers in the world.

Apparently, the surfer has a sense of humor or big ego–or both.

Wilkinson, 23, writes about himself on his online blog as “a superbadass and the women love it.”

The blog, out2brunch, is a mixture of personal surfing videos and soft-core porn with various undressed women at the beach.

He didn't mention the encounter with police on his Twitter account, where he describes himself as a “funny, smart, beautiful sensitive man who loves love.”

Time for this guy to do a beer commercial.

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