Matt Skiba's Santa Ana Show: Canceled

Did you buy tickets to the recently announced Matt Skiba solo show Dec. 1 at the Constellation Room (inside the Galaxy Theatre) in Santa Ana? (The page is gone now, obviously.) And now are you all excited to see the Alkaline Trio singer/guitarist up close and personal with nothing more than a guitar, his enchanting voice and those sweet, sweet eyes that just make you want to skip through strawberry fields and rose gardens?

If so, I've got bad news: The show has been canceled. In fact, Skiba's entire “west coast” tour (I put this in quotation marks because the tour was really four California shows) is now gone the way of the buffalo thanks to his right foot being broken.

At about 10 p.m. Thursday night, Skiba posted this on his Twitter account: “my right foot was run over by a semi truck while stopped at a light on my motorcycle yesterday.Broke my foot and ankle badly.Dr tomorrow.tbc”

Before that, he posted: “It's official: closed fracture of the malleolus (ankle bone) and a fractured metatarsal. On crutches/in a cast”

The Troubadour, one of the other SoCal venues he was playing, posted this on their newsletter:
“We actually just got word today, before it even went on sale, that our Matt Skiba show has been canceled and we do not have a reschedule date. If it even gets rescheduled, it would not be until early next year. We will keep you posted either way.”
Sure, this sucks for myriad reasons, but all I want to know is…those dreamy eyes are still in tact, right?

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