Matt Cunningham, Discredited Blogger/Pedo-Priest Protector Apologist, Now “Blogging” About Anaheim Politics

Well isn't this nice: after spending a couple of years in his Orange lair refraining from day-to-day blogging so he can suck from the government teat he so loves to bash, the reprehensible Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham has decided to reenter the Orange County political blogosphere to blog about my beloved hometown of Anaheim, a city in which he doesn't live in nor he gives a shit about other than whether he can make some money off of us one way or another.

And you know the GOP is desperate to win in this city when they dust off this discredited pendejo.

Cunningham, for those of you not familiar with OC politics, is a longtime GOP hack who started OC Blog, the county's first truly popular political blog, in 2004. He wrote under the pseudonym “Jubal,” which allowed him to congratulate himself by Jubal saying Cunningham wrote a good piece on another blog, a pathetic circle jerk we exposed and that he's been whining about ever since (shortly after that piece came out, Jubal asked me via email why were were picking on him–this was back in the days when we got along. He once also called Moxley in a panic after I left a cryptic comment referring to the days when he went to our former editor, Will Swaim, to get Mox fired–good times!).

People tolerated Cunningham for his hackery because it was so entertaining to watch, but he lost all credibility for anything in 2007, when he decided to stick up for John Urell, the priest who protected numerous pedophile priests in his leadership capacities for the Catholic Diocese of Orange. Cunningham's excuse for turning his political blog over to church matters was that Urell–his then-priest at St. Norbert in Orange–was a good man who was being demonized by the press, but his love for the pedophile protector was such that he outed sex-abuse victims of the priests Urell protected, a move so stupid that Cunningham himself eventually apologized (in fact, one of those victims was a man Cunningham personally knew. Um, AWKWARD…)

Here is a man so reviled by anyone with a conscience that all aspects of the Right have blasted him–from the lunatic fringe (The John and Ken Show) to libertarians (Reason magazine) to the one good Republican in all of Orange County (Allan Bartlett) to even mainstream Republican hacks (the guys over at the OC Political blog). Yet Cunningham has the gall to write in his introductory post last month that “those blogging here oppose…efforts to turn Anaheim into
something it isn't, and want to support those individual and issues
representing what made Anaheim a great city.”

“Those”? It's only him that's blogging. “Efforts”? He can't stand Save Anaheim blogger (and our paper's Best Blogger for this year) Jason Young. “Support”? It's hacks like councilwoman Kris Murray and council candidate/dirty cop Steve Lodge, to whom Cunningham donated $150 back in January. Now the only question remains what Cunningham is gaining from blogging about Anaheim, because this pendejo doesn't do anything for free.

Congrats, Greg Diamond! You're no longer the stupidest blogger in Orange County!

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