Matt Cunningham, Blogger for Anaheim's Elite, Wusses Out and Deletes Post Mocking People Killed by Cops

If you want to know how out-of-touch Anaheim's ruling class is with the city they rule, just check out the wussiness of their hired gun.

Late last week, Matt Cunningham–the OC Scariest People 2013 honoree who outed sex-abuse victims and is nowadays paid by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce to attack anyone who dares say something is rotten in the city–posted a horrifically offensive “story.” According to Matty, he just happened to conveniently find a torn-up teddy bear and thought putting a Virgin of Guadalupe votive candle next to it constituted satire. Get it? All the recent police killings in Anaheim? Their grieving families? And how activists point to such sadness as a city gone awry? That's satire! Hardee-har-har!

It was pathetic, unfunny brain dribbles par for the Cunningham course. He lamely tried to defend the post over the weekend, going so far as to claiming he didn't know his post happened to come a day after a memorial for Caesar Cruz. Then yesterday, unsurprisingly, Cunningham wussed out and took it down. What a wuss!


You can read the original, pathetic post here courtesy of the Voice of OC, complete with Matty's increasingly desperate attempts to justify his wussiness to outraged commenters (bonus wuss points to Matty for calling our Gabriel San Rom├ín “Gabby,” as a pathetic counterpoint to us and others now calling him the chavala that he is by addressing him as Matty). We would've actually had respect for Matty for once if he had kept up the blog post, as horrendous as it was–at least stick by what you write, you know? Instead–just like he did when he wussed out after outing sex-abuse victims–Matty pulled the post, proving once again what a wuss he is. And Anaheim's elites enlist this pendejo to do their dirty business?

May this episode show Orange County once and for all what we've been saying for years: Matty Cunningham is a powerless wuss who folds like the wuss that he is the moment anyone challenges him. True story: years ago, Matty and John Manly, the lawyer who decimated Matty's beloved pedophile protector, John Urell, were in the same courtroom. Neither had ever met each other before. I let one of Manly's attorneys know who Cunningham was just for shits and giggles; Manly then proceeded to introduce himself to Matty, whose look on his face suggested a sudden emptying of his bowels. What a wuss!

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