Mater Dei Assistant Principal Becomes Head of OC Catholic Schools–No Pedo-Surprise There!

Apologies for sounding like a broken record, but nothing at the Diocese of Orange has changed in regards to its sex-abuse scandal. Bishop Tod D. Brown has just appointed a longtime Mater Dei High administrator to serve as the superintendent of Orange County's Catholic schools, and that's like appointing Barbara Coe to run Latino Health Access.

Mater Dei assistant principal Gregory Dhuyvetter has been at Mater Dei since 1982–from that year until 1996 as a teacher, (which means he was there when principal Michael Harris and colleagues Thomas Hodgman and Robert Richardson were raping kids left and right), and from 1996 until the present, when Jeff Andrade and Larry Stukenholtz carried on the Monarchs' proud teacher-student schtupping tradition, and boys' basketball coach Gary McKnight continued the school's pedo-protecting ways–all under Dhuyvetter's watch.

Dhuyvetter will join another pedo-protector at Marywood–Tracy Brennan. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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