Matcha Love Opens at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa, Serves Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream

Often, after slurping Santoka's legendary but ultra savory bowls of ramen at Mitsuwa's food court in Costa Mesa, my mouth wants something cold, something sweet. Until now, that meant one of two things:

1. Some sort of boba drink at Sky Express.


2. A box of mochi ice cream from the supermarket.

Now there's is a third and much preferable option–soft serve green tea ice cream by Matcha Love, a brand new purveyor that just opened at the food court.


They offer swirls of the green tea ice cream, but also a black sesame flavor, another tea flavor called hojicha, and mixes of them together. $3 will buy you a small cup or cone. $4 will get you a large.

And if you are still craving boba, they'll make you a cold tea drink with it using a flavor of your choice.

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