Mary Lynn Taber Allegedly Robbed Banks with Star Trek Gun

A 55-year-old woman was arrested at her Anaheim home Tuesday for allegedly robbing two Garden Grove banks with a fake Star Trek gun.

“But I thought they used phasers, not guns, on Star Trek,” says a geek or nerd in the back (I don’t judge).

Just go with it, Kirby.

The Farmers & Merchants branch at 10422 Garden Grove Blvd. was robbed just before 11 Tuesday morning by a woman with a gun.

She was described by witnesses to be in her 40s, 5-foot-2 and about 250 pounds, wearing a pink scarf and dark sunglasses.

One witness jotted down the license plate number of a 1998 black four-door Saturn, which led to Mary Lynn Taber’s arrest at her home just after noon, according to Garden Grove Police Sgt. Ron Echavarria.

After bolting from the bank with about $500 in cash, Taber went to a different bank near her home, deposited some of the money in her account and made a loan payment, Echavarria alleged.

Meanwhile, the gun she is accused of using in the heist turned out to be a Star Trek toy painted black, Echavarria said.

Based on that “weapon” and Taber’s “unique disguise,” she was also linked to the Jan. 8, 2014, holdup of a U.S. Bank branch at 12112 Valley View St., Echevarria said.

That robbery, which was at a location only a few doors down from a police substation, had a lady robber making off with about $3,000, according to the police spokesman.

Sounds like someone won’t be going forth and prospering for a while.

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